What is Donate4Life?

It is a donation campaign that keeps on giving!

By donating via this campaign, you ensure that your donation will forever provide a residual income to the pool of your choosing.

The initial donation principle is used to permanently stake directly to the pool you chose.

1,000,000 Pink example

If you donate 1,000,000 pink to the charity pool, they will remain in the charity wallet on the network staking for eternity. Every single coin staked by your principle donation will be directly forwarded to the current supported charity. This means that your initial pink donation will continue to donate on your behalf automatically, for life.

The pools and the Rain Forest.

There are multiple different accounts to choose from, each with their own purpose. The pool will donate directly to a charity, improving Pinkcoin, or helping countries in need. The Rain Forest rewards those who are supporting the network by owning coins and running their wallets.
Note: No matter the pool, your initial donation will never be touched, and will only be used to stake whilst forwarding the stakes as donations.


Every coin minted on these addresses will be sent to organizations under their respective category.

Rain Forest

Every coin minted in these pools will be used to help the network itself.

  • Acorns The smallest supportive wallets on the network.
  • Elder Tree A random address supporting the network.
  • Rain Cloud Evenly to each address that has supported the network (last 24 hours).

Donate4Life - The campaign that keeps on giving

*Donate4Life currently requires a 3rd party payment processor integration with a 1% fee on outgoing transactions.